Terms & Conditions

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  • Risk Warning: Although all possible care is taken, there is a risk involved in performing some projects. We will not be responsible for damages beyond our reasonable control.
  • The Quotation shall only be accepted in writing by the same customer and by emailing or delivering the quotation to the supplier. Add signature. Name, date and time of acceptance of quote.
  • The customer understands and accepts that it has the primary responsibility of giving clear instructions and specifications in writing to the seller before any works can commence. This is to avoid discrepancies with the project.
  • The Quotation is to be accepted only by reading of such Quotations, including these Terms and Conditions and followed by signature at the end indicating that the said terms and conditions have been read and understood and the quotation is acceptable.
  • Once the project is complete, such work (including all fixtures and finishes) shall remain the property of the seller until the full invoice price/value has been paid to the seller in a manner specified by the said seller. This shall be the case whether the work has become part of the building through confusion.
  • The customer shall have the opportunity to examine the completed work, and raise any immediate objections during examination. Notwithstanding the opportunity to examine the completed works, The Customer shall be entitled within 10 business days to report to the Seller and defects on the work done by the Seller. Such report of defects shall only be in written form.

Cancellation Policy:

  • We require a deposit of 40% to confirm the order. We may impose a cancellation in the event of cancellation before delivery. The fee will depend on the nature of the order, the length of notice of cancellation before delivery, the reasonable potential to find alternative clients for the order and the reason for cancellation. No refund on deposits in the event of cancellation for already ordered materials.