When Should You Repaint Your Interior Walls?

When Should You Repaint Your Interior Walls?

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There are three main reasons to repaint the inside of your home. The most common reason homeowners repaint is because they’re selling the property, and want to get a decent selling price with a fresh-looking interior. The second reason is to update the colours of a room, to have a fresher and more modern aesthetic.

The third, and arguably most important, reason for painting your walls is for general upkeep and home maintenance. You want to be proud of your home environment, and feel like you’re taking care of things.

Most homeowners hire professional painting contractors to paint their home’s interior, and need to budget for this service. If you’re wondering about painting your home, and how often your walls, ceilings, and trim will need a touch-up, here are some pointers.

How Often Should You Paint Your Walls?

To keep your interior walls as fresh as possible, plan on repainting them every 3-5 years.

Painting Your Hallway Walls

Your hallways get the most traffic and will need to be painted most often. Problems like fingerprints and scuff marks might be able to wipe off while cleaning.

Worn-out corners and general dents and dings are another story! Cleaning won’t get rid of these marks – they need to be painted about every 3 years to keep looking good.

Drywall repair prior to painting over dings and scrapes is often necessary. Professional painters also suggest paint with an eggshell sheen as it is great for hallways with a lot of foot traffic.

Painting Your Kitchen and Bathroom Walls

Another type of room where the walls take a hammering is the kitchen. Kitchen walls suffer from food stains, grease, smoke, and water marks.

Bathroom walls have issues with moisture and humidity. The best painting professionals use the highest quality paints, so the walls can withstand the harsh “climate” in your bathroom.

Repainting kitchens and bathrooms every 3-4 years will ensure they remain in great condition.

Painting Your Bedroom Walls

How often should you paint bedrooms? That depends mostly on who spends the most time in them. Adults’ bedrooms generally only need repainting if you’re moving, or if you want to change the décor. It’s worth doing some research on what colour to paint your home before you jump into the project.

Children’s bedrooms might need repainting as much as every two years or so. Kids tend to draw on the walls and stick up their posters, throw balls around, kick the baseboards, and grab the doorframes with dirty hands. Lots of wear and tear takes place in these spaces!

Now for the good news:  your living room, dining room, spare bedrooms, etc. won’t need such frequent painting. You can probably look at leaving at least 5 years between painting these rooms.

Painting Your Ceiling

Ceilings can show wear and tear from fires, cooking, and just general dirt collecting on them.

Painting walls can seem like the easy part compared to painting your ceiling, but it’s not as bad as you think. You just need to plan properly. A light-colored ceiling can show damp and dirt over time, and needs to be repainted – but not as often as your walls.

If you trust your ceiling paint project to a professional painting company, it can last as long as 10 years. White is the most popular paint colour for ceilings, and with good reason – it increases the illusion of ceiling height, and brightens the room.

Painting Your Wooden Baseboards and Trim

Your wooden interior trim gets a lot of wear and tear in your home, especially if you have pets and children. If you’re getting a quote for painting your interior walls, don’t leave out the features like doors, cabinets, baseboards, window trim, and other wooden details.  

Bear in mind that the baseboards in some older houses are treated with stain, rather than being painted. These can be harder to strip down if you want to paint them – so make sure you’re OK with that! Not painting your baseboards is also a popular option in older houses that are being modernized.  

Best Paint Colours for Interior Walls

Most South Africans prefer lighter colours inside our homes, to make rooms feel airy and light. However, the latest interior paint colour trends include some unusual pastel shades – like nut, mushroom and mist!

How to Choose the Best Painting Contractor

Most paint contractors will give you a quote based on their experience, from doing similar jobs. You should probably get a few quotes from various professional painters to get a good idea of what you’ll be paying.

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