What is High-Pressure Cleaning?

What is High-Pressure Cleaning?

High-pressure cleaning involves a machine that sprays water, under pressure and at a high velocity, onto a surface. It’s capable of removing things such as algae, mould, old paint, and other hard-to-remove dirt. The pressure is set according to the job at hand, and it can be adjusted for various surfaces.

In a coastal city like Port Elizabeth, damp and mould can cause problems if you want to repaint your home or business premises. It needs to be removed quickly and effectively.

The best painting contractors offer this service to clients, to prepare their homes and businesses for a new paint job.

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How does High Pressure Cleaning Work?

The following factors and equipment make high-pressure cleaning so effective.

Water inlet: this is a hose that connects the pressure cleaner to the main water supply.

Electric motor or petrol engine: smaller pressure cleaners run off the domestic electricity supply, but bigger models are powered by compact petrol engines.

Water pump: this is the heart of a high-pressure cleaner. It’s a bit like a hand-operated ground-water pump—only it’s driven at high speed by the electric motor (or petrol engine) instead of your hand.

High-pressure hose: this is the tube that runs out from the cleaner to whatever attachment you use. An ordinary bit of tubing wouldn’t be able to survive the high pressure of the water flowing through it. The high-pressure hose is made of high-density plastic reinforced with wire mesh.

Cleaning attachment: depending on what you’re cleaning, you can switch from a simple trigger gun (a valve that lets water through only when you squeeze the handle), to a spinning wand spray or a ro tating brush. Powered attachments are driven by the high force of the water flowing through them.

It is a good idea to test your pressure cleaner on a non-visible area before you start work, to make sure it doesn’t harm the surface you’re cleaning.

High-pressure cleaning is the best way to prepare your exterior or interior walls and other surfaces for painting. Make sure you contract experienced high-pressure cleaning professionals to make sure the job gets done right!