Industrial vs Commercial Painting – What’s The Difference?

Industrial vs Commercial Painting – What’s The Difference?


If you’re a business owner, you want to keep your building spick and span and looking good. A painting makeover is good for your brand, and makes you look professional. But what kind of painter should you hire?

Should you call a Commercial or Industrial painting company, and is there a difference? Here’s the lowdown on finding a painter that’s a good fit for your needs.

Difference between Commercial and Industrial Painters

Both Commercial painters and Industrial painters specialize in paint projects for businesses. However, they have a different goal in mind.

Commercial painting is focused on storefronts and offices – places where customers see the inside and outside of the building. The paint used on the walls should be durable, but also warm and welcoming. Customers should feel comfortable. Most commercial properties have wooden, tiled or carpeted flooring, so floor painting is rarely necessary.

Painting for industrial properties is focused on function over appearance. Factories and warehouses have stand up to lots of wear and tear, so the walls and floors should be as long-lasting as possible.

What Is The Best Commercial Painting Method?

When customers come into your office, showroom or retail store, you want them to see well-painted walls. Office and shop painters should know how to treat mildew and damp spots should be treated with damp proof painting. There should be no visible roller strokes or messy edges.

Commercial painters often use a good quality latex paint. While latex paint isn’t as durable as oil-based paint, it dries much faster.  This is great for business owners who can’t afford to close up their business for more than a few days at a time.

Commercial painting is a lot like residential painting, but it can be a bigger job that needs to be done quickly. This requires a professional and experienced team who will do a great job in record time.

What Is The Best Industrial Painting Method?

Industrial painting doesn’t have to be as “pretty” as commercial painting, but the paints and techniques used have to stand the test of time. Factory and warehouse painting is usually a very big job, and business owners don’t want to repaint every couple of years!

There are a few different industrial painting techniques used by top professionals. Industrial painting often requires the use of cranes and safety gear to get to those hard-to-reach places. The painting contractors you hire have to be highly experienced in all these methods.  

Manufacturing and warehousing businesses usually have a lot of heavy traffic, with moving machinery, vehicles and workers. Industrial painters will usually use oil-based paints instead of latex. They might take longer to dry, but they’re extremely durable.

Industrial painters must also be experts in floor painting – epoxy coating and other techniques.

Choosing the Right Painting Company

Now that you know the main differences between Industrial and Commercial painting, it should be easier to pick the right company to tackle your job.

Make sure you do your homework and ask around for references from other business owners you know.  Don’t just pick the cheapest painters you find – they might be OK at painting homes, but commercial and industrial properties require a different skill set.

Take these steps to choose the best painting contractor:

  • Ask all your contacts around town for the best painters they’ve worked with
  • Contact the painting company on mail or social media and check their response time
  • Ask the painting company what could go wrong, and what they will do to fix it
  • Ask for a free quote
  • Ask them lots of questions when they assess your property

If you’re looking for an experienced painting company who can handle both commercial and industrial painting in Port Elizabeth and surrounds, WB Paint Projects have done it all.

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