Damp Proof Painting – Does It Work?

Damp Proof Painting – Does It Work?

Living in a coastal city is great, but there’s a lot of moisture around. Coastal houses can suffer from major damp problems. You can damp-proof your home with special paint – but does it really work?

Damp causes discolouration and bubbling on your walls – and it can rot wood. It can affect your home both inside and out, and is one of the main things that spoils your property’s appearance and value.

How Does Damp Affect Your Walls?

Moisture is natural, both inside and outside your property. So how does damp cause problems with your walls? The problems start when damp collects inside the building and can’t get out.

The excess moisture builds up on walls and trim, and causes a chemical reaction to happen with your paint and plaster over time. This changes the colour of the finish, and can be very unsightly.

Your home needs to “breathe” with good ventilation and air flow, for as long as possible throughout the day. This isn’t usually possible if the family is out of the house all day, or there is a period of wet weather. You can’t exactly leave the windows and doors open 24/7!

Rain, condensation, fog and moisture-laden sea air can collect on your exterior walls and cause them to discolour. Steam and condensation inside the house (especially in the kitchen or bathroom) can make interior walls suffer.

If your home is well-ventilated, you might find that structural damage like cracks, badly-fitted windows, or damaged roofing lets unwanted water collect in the building. The discolouration you see will collect on the middle and upper areas of your walls.

If you have damp patches or bubbling paint on the lower walls close to the floor, rising damp is probably to blame. Rising damp usually occurs in masonry walls because of poor drainage.

How Does Damp Proof Paint Work?

Damp proof painting works because the paint has a water-reactive agent in its mixture. This resists the water that sits on the paint, and doesn’t let it through into the wall.

For damp-proof paint to work its magic, the surface should be clean and free of any previous coat of paint. Dirt and debris should also be cleaned off the surface, which will aid the damp proof paint’s protective coating.

Damp proof paint protects against surface moisture, but it’s not a long-term solution if you have structural faults that let water inside the surface. Painting will just mask the problem – so it’s best to determine if you have leaks, cracks and bad drainage before you go ahead and paint the affected areas.

Damp in your home needs more than just treatment to get rid of it – it also needs prevention and protection. Damp proof paint acts as protection against future issues, as well as tidying up a damaged surface area.

The best painting contractors will use only top quality paint. Damp-proof paint is super easy to maintain, and can be washed and wiped down as normal.

Advantages of Damp Proof Painting

Damp proof paint is a great and effective way of making your home look more attractive. It covers up ugly damp patches, it prevents future damp problems, and it’s highly cost effective.

If you want to spruce up your house, if you want to prepare your property for sale or renting, make sure that any damp problems are treated professionally. A potential buyer or tenant will be put off if damp is visible in the property.

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